• Falliday Style

    This is Katie. 

    Fall barely happened and now it's already almost Christmas! All I want to wear is fluffy red sweaters, but the weather hasn't permitted that much this season. So I'm compensating with some "Fall-Meets-Holiday" style. 

    Here's to hoping for weather below 65 *cheers*. 

    Shoes: Nisolo

    Jeans: &OtherStories

    Everything else: Vinage

  • Elise's Christmas Decor

    This is Elise. 

    Nothing makes me lose all sense of taste like Christmastime. All I want is Santa pillows, and sparkly ribbon, and SNOWMEN, and WARMTH, and JOY, and COOKIES. 

    Last time we posted my Christmas decor I was trying to really stick with my 60's soul, but I gave up completely this year. I did try to restrain myself, and here we are. 

  • Vintage Finds

    This is Katie and Elise. 

    Prepare yourself for several more posts about thrift and vintage shopping: it's one of our favorite hobbies!

    These are a few items we found over the summer that we absolutely love.

    Starting with this tiny polka dot top, and basket bag

    Next we have a ruffled white top and vintage handbag

    Moving on to this dope black 90's skirt.

    And finally, there's nothing like a little shock of yellow to wake you up in the morning. Loving this 80's blouse forever and always.