• Cultivate Tuscon | Spring 2018

    This is Katie and Elise. 

    If you've been following us AT ALL on Instagram (@thehappyhunters) in the past couple weeks you couldn't avoid the fact that we road tripped down to Tucson, AZ and attended the Cultivate Tucson Pop-Up Market! We were invited down by one of the event's co-founders, Claire. One of our biggest failures of the weekend was not getting a photo with her!!! We had the pleasure of spending some time getting to know her, and believe us when we say she is an ANGEL. Honestly. Truly. 

    Cultivate graciously put us up in a brand new hotel downtown (AC Hotel) that was just lovely, and spoiled us with all kinds of delicious food and great local coffee offerings. The event itself was also a complete delight! We are hardcore browsers (case in point we spent nearly 3 hours in a single antique shop later that same day), so it was just heaven looking at all the pretty things at every single booth. 

    We both came away with some GREAT finds too! Scroll away for more photos and what we found!

    Elise here! Pretty sure I was already loaded up on goodies at this point. You can see I'm already wearing one of my finds (those dope earrings, which you can find here!).

    Katie here. Market-wear for me means a flowing 70's dream. You know...the kind of thing you would wear if you were painting in the woods. Turns out it also doubles as a great number for browsing Tuscon's wears. 

    My scores included a wicker wine carrier (that shall soon house a vase and hanging plant), a vintage polka-dot dress (more on that soon), creamy yellow nail polish, hand-formed clay earrings, and a vase with a face (need I say more?). Those wicker glasses are now Elise's offical mochaware.

    On Katie:

    Vintage 70's Dress: Dee-lux

    Espadrille flats: Goodwill

    On Elise:

    Cami: Goodwill

    Skirt: Free"P"Star - Paris

    Sandals: Madewell

  • Travel | Paris

    This is Elise. 

    This was my first trip to Paris and I'm happy to report that everything they say about Paris is 100% true. Yes, everything (everything) is just beautiful. Yes, the people are kind of rude (it's not that bad though). Yes, it's very romantic. Yes, the food is amazing. Yes, you'll do a ton of walking. Etc, etc, etc. 

    The city is just one giant cliche and I don't hate it. On to the recap! For a day by day tour you can see the whole story on my personal highlights (@elisecahill)! I'll keep this one as quick as I can, but that is kind of impossible - sorry not sorry. 

    Finally, keep your eyes open for a vintage shopping guide and a coffee guide coming soon! It was all too much to fit into one post!

    We absolutely loved our Airbnb. It was in the Bastille neighborhood and it could not have been more perfect. The space itself was super clean, gorgeous and comfortable. The neighborhood was lovely and far enough away from the touristy spots, but it also had lots going on! Great nightlife, lots of cafes, and easy access to the metro! Our host was also so generous and helpful! If you're planning a trip to Paris I would definitely recommend this place!

    Ok, let's talk about Versailles. Do it. It's totally worth the trip. We bought tickets ahead of time online, and we paid for the ones that let you into like everything, however, the line to get inside was over 2 hours long for almost the whole day. So we never made it inside the main palace. A lot of people reached out after saying it's not the end of the world to not go inside, and that the gardens are by far the best part of the estate - which I can absolutely see being the case, because they are OUT OF THIS WORLD. There are also several other huge, gorgeous buildings on the estate that we got to see!

    I took a baguette with me and that was my snack all day. It was perfect. 

    Now back to Paris! We only ended up going to 2 museums (in a city literally full of them): the Louvre, and the Picasso museum. Both we great. The Louvre was insanely crowded when we went, which kind of ruined the experience for us, but of course it was still beautiful. 

    One of the major highlights for me was the neighborhood of Montmarte. It was just a dream. 

    Until next time, Paris!


    This is Elise. 

    I hope you're ready for a lot of Project Runway references. 

    Back in high school my dream was to be a fashion designer - it was founded on a binder full of sketches and zero sewing abilities. I've since recovered from that obession. Now it's quite the opposite: I'd love to get better at sewing, but I'm definitely OK using someone else's designs. Mostly I want to be able to tailor my own clothes since I buy a lot of second hand and vintage pieces that usually need minor alterations or repairs. 

    Ambitiously, I ordered a 70's dress pattern on Etsy, grabbed some fabric from Joann's, and just... did it. It was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be (to be honest it was a pretty simple pattern), but I'm still proud of myself for doing it! For a first attempt I would give myself a solid B. I'll try to wear it a couple more times, and by the time it's too warm for corduroy I'll just make it again in a lighter fabric!

    We made it out of that intro with zero Project Runway references, so I feel like I owe you a couple. Heidi doesn't think it's sexy enough, Nina likes that it feels vintage but she still doesn't really know who I am as a designer, and Zack wanted me to really wow him and I totally didn't. To be fair, it was the American Girl Doll challenge, so I think I nailed it.