• Abstract Hoop Earrings DIY

    This is Elise. 

    This DIY was inpired by the need for something to wear to Create Dinners No. 6 HAPPENING THIS SATURDAY!!! Not that I'm excited or anything.... Let's get into it. 

    You'll need:

    • Gold paint
    • Gold floral wire
    • Wire cutters
    • Gold earrings ...loops? What the hey do you call those anyway. 
    • Gold jump rings (how do I know they're called that and not the earring part?)
    • Wooden beads
    • Hot glue

    • Start by cutting off 4-5 inches of gold floral wire. 
    • Bend into a wavy hoop.
    • Spray paint two small wooden beads gold. 
    • Dot hot glue onto the ends of the wire hoop and place into the bead; let cool. 
    • Add a gold jump ring and earring hook and voila!

  • Korena Webber Necklaces

    This is Katie and Elise. 

    The necklace you see above is yours for the having from Korena Webber Jewelry. It is the most comfortable and versatile necklace you will own. Seriously. Both of us are chronic jewelry buyers without actually wearing any of it.... but because of the materials and style, these feel so casual and unique. And for the price, you might as well get one per outfit! 

    You might remember for Create Dinners No. 5, Kori handmade over 15 unique necklaces for the girls who attended to take home! They were a huge hit, and most of us wore them for the Dinner too!

    So what are you waiting for?

  • Create Dinners Big Bear Birthday Surprise

    This is Katie. And Elise. 

    A few weekends back we had the opportunity to contribute towards a first for Create Dinners, a private event hosted in Big Bear...specifically, a surprise 30th birthday party! 

    We had a small but mighty team to pull it off. And that team was:

    Elise kept everyone's looks on point. From the settings to the decorations, to keeping us all looking "creative professionals working a summer event in the mountains". It's safe to say Elise thrives on that kind of specificity aaaaaand she nailed it. Elise's crafting expertise also came into play creating a flower crown fit for the birthday girl. Subtle and colorful, she nailed it AGAIN.

    Katie not only helped with meal prep and plating, she was photographing throughout the evening, and edited photos for a guest album sharing that very night! Katie helped with plating the cherry tomato "naked bruschetta" crostini...the ultimate sacrifice for love and vision...because EW TOMATOES (in Katie's opinion at least). She also teamed up with Kate to photograph the nights key moments and edited like a MAD MAN during the dinner so that the birthday girl and guests could see some of the beautiful photos from that evening THAT EVENING. 

    Kylie joined with some of her most amazing recipes from her food blog Cooking with Cocktail Rings. Hours and hours of prep went into this meal for her and she was able to pull off an intimate, gourmet meal for 28 people in a kitchen the size of my closet.... with about the same amount of prep space, ha! She outdid herself and once again proved that she a BOSS in the kitchen. 

    Kate was our fearless leader from start to finish. Not only does Kate help out with every part of the dinner during the event, she plans, shops for, and executes every detail weeks before hand. Kate, as many of you know, is the founding mother of Create Dinners, and it was so awesome seeing her in action for this insane, but beautiful project. Kate was also photographing throughout the evening on top of coordinating every move from setting up to packing up. 

    Shoutout to The Wild Standard for the beautiful menus and to Natalia for the idea to use bed sheets as tablecloths when the linens were not to be found. Yup, that happened.