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  • Create Dinners No. 9 - Live In Color

    This is Katie. 

    We take you back to a midsummer's night *before even the heat waves began* when 18 creatives gathered for the Create Dinners - Dinner No. 9. The theme for the evening was 50's picnic. Hair scarves, cat-eye sunglasses, summer dresses, and a dash of red lipstick set the tone for the night. 

    This group of women was especially endearing since it was privately attended by those closest to Kate's heart (and dare we say ours?). Music, a reading, drinks, questionnaires, and the most delicious food. TAKE ME BACK. 

    For this Dinner, I was the photographer and Elise did wardrobe styling! To learn more about the attendees follow @createdinners and check out our Instagram post!

    most importantly, love

    like it's the only thing you know how

    at the end of the day all of this

    means nothing

    this page

    where you're sitting

    your degree

    your job

    the money

    nothing event matters

    except love and human connection

    who you loved

    and how deeply you loved them

    how you touched the people around you

    and how much you gave them

    - rupi kaur