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  • Paris Vintage Guide

    This is Elise. 

    As most of you know, I was in Paris last month. One thing I was particuarly looking forward to was vintage shopping. I was surprised by how affordable vintage is over there! It was so easy to find amazing spots with great prices and I came away with like a half suitcase of finds (I intentionally packed very light so I could bring lots home!). Below is my guide to vintage shopping in three lovely neighborhoods of Paris. 

    La Marais

    1. Free"P" Star 

    Price range for a dress: 1-30 euros. 

    This shop is cheap and dirty in the best way. Not organized at all, but great prices and if you're willing to dig around there are some real treasures! You also can't beat that one euro bin. I found these tops and dress all for 3 euro!

    2. Tilt

    Price range for a dress: 25-80 euros.

    Pricier, organized, decent selection and lots of newer, but really stylish accessories. 

    3. Vintage Desir

    Price range for a dress: 5 - 20 euros. 

    Great prices, pretty small and unorganized, but some great pieces!

    4. Amon (in Roquette)

     Price range for a dress: 30 - 50 euros.

    Love love love this spot. Pricing is totally worth the unique and AMAZING pieces that were there. That's where I got these flawless 70's high-waisted plaid pants for 25 euro!

    Near Hotel de Ville

    1. Free"P" Star (1&2) 

    Price range for a dress: 1 - 30 euros.

    Don't miss the TWO locations right across the street from each other! Both amazing. Really interesting pieces. I found a plaid skirt, weird corduroy dress, and AMAZING high - waisted corduroy pants there. 

    2. Kilo Store (1&2) 

    Price range for a dress: I DON'T REALLY KNOW?? *see below* Maybe 15 - 40 euros?

    There are also two locations of this store right near each other AND on the same street as FreeP Star. This is a must hit vintage alley. They charge by the kilo here, and honestly, it's really confusing. Between ponding the conversion of kilos to pounds and euros to dollars and everything being different prices based on a color-coded system it almost felt like more trouble than it was worth lol. But there are LOADS of cute dresses everywhere so of course it is worth it!

    3. Vintage by Ramin

    Price range for a dress: 5 - 40 euros.

    This is a funky little shop near the last two spots. Everything is so cheap and really funky! Don't forget to check the one euro bin in the back! I bought a cute floral dress for 5 euros here. 

    4. Bleach Vintage

    Price range for a dress: 20 - 45 euros.

    Mostly guys stuff, but there was a small selection of women's clothes further in! Not a great selection, but definitely worth at least taking a peek!

    5. Mad Vintage 

    Price range for a dress: 40 - 70 euros.

    Very curated! A little more on the pricey side, but they had some really cool pieces!


    1. By Flowers

    Price range for a dress: 10 - 90 euros.

    Super cute cluttered (in the best way) little spot. Ok prices. Not temptingly cheap, but not inaccessibly expensive. Worth a stop!

    2. Headless

    Price range for a dress: 40-100 euros.

    Veeeery beautiful and curated. Wow. Really incredibly unique pieces, but on the pricier side. 

    3. Merchand d'Habits

    This was closed so I don't know the prices or anything else about it! But someone go and report back to me and we'll update it here :)

    4. Chinemachine

    Price range for a dress: 15 - 40 euros. 

    This shop was more like a Crossroads or Buffalo Exchange where it's a mix of old and new!