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  • First Time in Tucson

    This is Katie. 

    And this is Tuscon. 

    I have visited Arizona so many times that I couldn't count them if I tried, but I have never made it to Tuscon. Whatever I was expecting from my first visit, Tuscon waaaaay over-delivered. The town was quirky and cozy and BLOOMING. Everywhere we looked the Desert Museum Palo Verde trees were absolutely exploding with yellow flowers. And I didn't mind it one bit. 

    While modern new buildings have started to pop up, the charm and heart of this town were clear at every turn. Architecture, landscaping, street lights, and every sign had a style all their own that kept streets interesting and inviting.  

    Let's talk about the thrift game of Tuscon for a minute. It's completely unrivaled. NEVER IN MY YEARS have I seen such curated selections and prices that surely were missing several zeros. Honestly. If you go for nothing else, go for the thrifting. 

    Check out the organization of this vintage rack. *tiny thrifters orgasm* 

    Shout out to Anello Pizzeria where we got zero pictures but had amazing food and wine. 

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