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    This is Elise. 

    I hope you're ready for a lot of Project Runway references. 

    Back in high school my dream was to be a fashion designer - it was founded on a binder full of sketches and zero sewing abilities. I've since recovered from that obession. Now it's quite the opposite: I'd love to get better at sewing, but I'm definitely OK using someone else's designs. Mostly I want to be able to tailor my own clothes since I buy a lot of second hand and vintage pieces that usually need minor alterations or repairs. 

    Ambitiously, I ordered a 70's dress pattern on Etsy, grabbed some fabric from Joann's, and just... did it. It was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be (to be honest it was a pretty simple pattern), but I'm still proud of myself for doing it! For a first attempt I would give myself a solid B. I'll try to wear it a couple more times, and by the time it's too warm for corduroy I'll just make it again in a lighter fabric!

    We made it out of that intro with zero Project Runway references, so I feel like I owe you a couple. Heidi doesn't think it's sexy enough, Nina likes that it feels vintage but she still doesn't really know who I am as a designer, and Zack wanted me to really wow him and I totally didn't. To be fair, it was the American Girl Doll challenge, so I think I nailed it.