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  • 3 Ways to Give New Life to Old Pants

    This is Elise. 

    Let’s just get started shall we? These are vintage Jordache jeans that I wasn’t totally crazy about. I felt like they needed a little something, so I used a black fabric pen and just doodled here and there. I covered one leg, but I wanted to give the other one a little breathing room, so I didn’t go crazy on them. Now I love them so much more, and have worn them more often too!

    Next we have some lil’ trousers that needed a face lift. I had these grommets lying around for so long just waiting for the right garment to adorn, and here we are. The added weight on the hem really helps the look of them as well! You can find grommets like these at Michael’s or on Amazon and they should come with the hardware you need to attach them (you’ll just need a hammer!). 

    Finally, we have another pair of vintage jeans that seemed to be calling out for flare. I based (literally copied) them on this pair from Ragged Priest. I almost purchased that pair, but I saw that the white stripes were patches of fabric and not screen printed on, which changed the feel of them to me (in a negative way). I was lucky enough to find this vintage pair and painted on the stripes myself!

    I recommend using a white pencil and a ruler to sketch on the lines before painting them. You can mix acrylic paint with a fabric medium so that it stays on better. 

    Look 1:

    Coat ~ Zara

    Tee ~ Madewell

    Shoes ~ Forever21

    Look 2:

    Earrings ~ Etsy

    Sweatshirt ~ Forever21

    Shoes ~ Converse

    Look 3:

    Sweatshirt ~ vintage

    Shoes ~ Anthropologie