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  • A Subtle Spookery

    This is Katie.

    Halloween is upon us, my friends. And while I don't go full carnival on my home, I do appreciate the subtler spooks. Accenting my "non-seasonal" decor with bat stickers and googly eyes, a few strategic wheat stalks, the haunting creep of sunset, and the horrors of home renovation, and I'm set. Actually, if you are thinking of doing any kind of gut job on your home, I would highly recommend this time of year. Nothing says "Halloween" like exposed walls, dust, and stripped paint. I have chills running up my spine just thinking about it.

    *The Wild Standard | California flag 

    *Linen and watercolor half-moons by Claggie

    *Ceramic Geometric Mobile by Quiet Lines Design

    Goodluck with your nightmares.