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  • Create Dinners No. 6

    This is Katie and Elise.

    Imagine you're halfway dressed to go to a formal gala, but end up ditching it for a dinner in the French countryside with your best bitches. Bienvenue pour créer des dîners numéro 6.

    For this evening, the French countryside was substituted for the hills of Calabasas...but we weren't complaining. Once again we had the honor of meeting so many cool, talented, and thoughtful women. Every one of whom contributed something intentional and beautiful. The gathering included a makeup tutorial (with personalized beauty gift bags by Hourglass), Frose cocktails, a magic trick, and even a comet sighting! For more on the women who joined and the aaaaamaaaazing Kate Edwards who brought it all to life, check out the official Create Dinners No. 6 post

    One of our favorite highlights was time spent asking questions that took us beyond "Where do you live and what do you do?". This exercise really gets at the hearts and intellects behind each creative, revealing each individuals "je ne sais quoi". And so, for your consideration, a question from the night and enough photos to last you until the next dinner. 

    "If you could be an expert in a creative field outside of your own, what would it be and why?"

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