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  • Abstract Hoop Earrings DIY

    This is Elise. 

    This DIY was inpired by the need for something to wear to Create Dinners No. 6 HAPPENING THIS SATURDAY!!! Not that I'm excited or anything.... Let's get into it. 

    You'll need:

    • Gold paint
    • Gold floral wire
    • Wire cutters
    • Gold earrings ...loops? What the hey do you call those anyway. 
    • Gold jump rings (how do I know they're called that and not the earring part?)
    • Wooden beads
    • Hot glue

    • Start by cutting off 4-5 inches of gold floral wire. 
    • Bend into a wavy hoop.
    • Spray paint two small wooden beads gold. 
    • Dot hot glue onto the ends of the wire hoop and place into the bead; let cool. 
    • Add a gold jump ring and earring hook and voila!