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  • Straw Hat Mini Makeover

    This is Elise. 

    I realize that not everyone thinks about summer every waking moment of their day but some people do.... like.... a random friend of mine none of you know. And SHE just really wanted a dope straw hat to wear. This DIY is dedicated to you, friend. 

    Let's start with this pretty basic bro-at-the-beach or dad-mowing-the-lawn hat. Here's what you'll need to fairy godmother that thing:

    • Hat
    • Rope
    • A few colors of embroidery floss (you might have some left over from THIS)
    • Needle
    • Scissors
    • Candles for ambience
    • Flowers for those Snaps you KNOW you're gunna take later

    Start by removing the original band and chin strap. Then cut off the edge of the brim to give it a more raw look. Place the rope as the new band! Lightly knot it on one side, then trim off the edges (but not too short!)

    Start wrapping the rope with embroidery floss. Once you've finished the first color, tie on the second color and keep wrapping. 

    Once you've finished the second color, wrap it back towards the first and tie it to the left over ends, then trim it all off. 

    Next, thread up some white floss and sew the knot down to the hat. I also added one stitch to the opposite side to keep it in place. 

    All done! Enjoy.