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  • Pickwick Vintage Show

    This is Elise. 

    QUICK NOTE: You may have noticed a lot of me recently (....or that Katie sized hole in your hearts....), but that's only because Katie is so busy with her even more awesome endevour: MOTHERHOOD. Sorry to say you'll be seeing even more of me in the future, but Katie will be popping in and out too!

    Anyway, back to shtuff. 

    Pickwick Vintage! Katie and I went last year and LOVED it. This year I went as the event photographer, so I was able to soak in every last sequin and tassel. It was great. Their next show is in April, so don't miss it!

    Kate scored this suede fringe jacket. Not. Bad. 

    I found this awesome choker! It came with two different rings for the middle. This is the white one, but it also came in pink... *swoon*.