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  • DIY Copper Necklace

    This is Katie and Elise. 

    To anyone scared off by DIYs that requires new tools: sorryyyyy byyyyye. You're going to need to purchase a few tools and materials that you will never use for anything else. Here they are:

    - Pipe cutter (Found at Home Depot for $7)

    - Pipe bender ($14)

    - Copper pipe ($4)

    - String

    - Wooden beads

    - Paint (optional)

    So it'll set you back about $30, BUT this one copper coil will make you like... A LOT... of necklaces. We've made several designs for ourselves and have made them for gifts too!

    Start by bending your copper pipe. 

    Tighten the pipe cutter around the pipe, then twist. Continue to tighten, twist, tighten, twist until it pops off!

    Thread the string through the copper and the bead, knot, then pull the knot back through the copper so that it's hidden. 

    You can also paint the bead fun fun colors. Yay.