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  • 4 Hair Styles We Tried And Loved

    This is Katie and Elise. 

    So we actually tried out some of those drool worthy hair style floating around Pinterest these days. Here are our reviews:

    The Twist Crown (4/5 stars)

    Wild flowers optional but also necessary. Start with a part (we went with middle, obvs), then one side at a time, take a piece from the front and start twisting it back collecting pieces as you go. Secure with LOTS of pins (hence the 4/5 stars. Gorgeous, but a little precarious). 

    "The Knot" Three Ways (4/5 stars)

    One: Take two pieces from either side and tie them together in one loose knot (like you're tying your shoes). Secure with pins. 

    Two: Begin with the first knot, then just double knot it! We loosened it up a bit before securing with pins. 

    Three: Take two pieces of hair from either side, hold them together and create a knot (like you were knoting a single string). Secure with pins! 4/5 stars again 'cause..... danger. It'll stay, just don't go skydiving or anything. 

    The Circle Clip (5/5 stars)

    Just. Yes. This one is from Madewell (similar here). 

    The Braid Flare (5/5 stars)

    Rope on braid. Easy. This braid is a major go-to for me (Elise) so sometimes you gotta bling it out...with rope....I guess. 5/5 stars.