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  • Katie's New Sleep Muse

    This is Katie. 

    Welcome to our new home! The past two months have been craaaazzyyyy. Getting to know my son Wyatt (still not used to saying that!), the holidays, and moving, have been exhausting but SO FUN. Moving pretty much always sucks. So try moving, spreading out that process over 2 months (due to renovations), a new tiny human, dad going back to work, and no sleep. The only silver lining to moving is the opportunity to find new and exciting pieces for the home! Not just new purchases (although those are fun too), but rediscovering the same things I've loved for years. It’s so refreshing to find ways to repurpose and rearranged pieces I’ve loved for years. The exciting new pieces to this puzzle? Our mattress.

    *Enter Viscosoft's Muse Mattress*

    As any new (or let’s face it, ANY AT ALL) mother knows, sleep is very very…very…very important for all parties involved: dad, mom, dog, child… everyone in our lives who deal with us when we DON’T get good sleep. Having a great mattress definitely helps… a lot. But seriously, when did mattress buying become something you needed a PHD in??? I feel so clueless when it comes to innerspring vs. foam vs. waterbed anyone? vs. gel vs. hybrid vs. packed dirt?? How am I supposed to know what will give me Sleeping Beauty status snoozes, and what will ultimately be the end of my back? Are the stakes even that high?? Help.

    *Enter Sleep Personality Quiz*

    One of the reasons I loved my experience with Viscosoft is the sleep personality quiz they offer to help you find the right mattress. You answer a bunch of questions you DO know the answer to, then they take care of the rest. Then they send you a magical cloud in a box that turns you into Sleeping Beauty. In the midst of all the chaos and transition of living in between two homes right now (sleeping at one house one night, and the other the next), it is such a relief to have something in the new house that already feels like home.

    Wy's top reasons he loves his new mattress are …1. layers and layers of memory foam for undisturbed sleep 2. cool-wire technology for comfy cuddles, and 3. watching the bed unfold right out of the box! MAAAAAGIC. Oh, and also the price...cuz you know…...

    ...mama ain't raise'n no fool.