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  • Pickwick Vintage Show

    This is Katie and Elise. 

    Oh, guys. We found the mecca of all things vintage; it's called the Pickwick Vintage Show. It’s one thing to find a cute lil’ vintage store with some 60’s shifts, 80’s heals, and a handful of turquoise, but it’s a whole other animal finding an entire convention center chalk full of beaded gowns from the 20’s, abstract Comme des Garçons blouses from the 80’s, and real Japanese denim jackets from the 70’s. It was the real deal. Yes, the prices were also “real”, however, these are items you don’t stumble upon even once a year, so it’s well worth shelling out a few extra bucks. And there were plenty of items that weren’t investment-piece-prices too! But if you’re looking for something to really spice up your wardrobe - this place is it. 

    I (Katie) came away with a quilted jacket for hubs, a navy cotton jacket, some tiny adorable mittens (for Wyatt) and a new silk scarf. 

    I (Elise) scored a weird Japanese “SPORTS” jacket. Lol. 

    Kate joined us too and found this DOPE Navajo pillow covering for only $10! That might have been the steal of the day. 

    The people watching here was next level. Major shout-out to the over 50’s. There were some seriously stylish ladies here!

    Katie in scarf heaven.