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  • Elise's Home: Fall Decor

    This is Elise.

    I struggle with fall, you know? Fall is hot in California, but everyone is over summer, so I feel like I need to acknowledge the season in some way (other than wearing sweaters, because no). I'm not a huge fan of fall decor in general (too many yellows and oranges), and my husband won't let me turn our apartment into a haunted mansion (not sure why), so what choice do I have??? 

    In my mind the answer was wheat stalks for some reason. Aparently these are harder to come by in bulk than you might think, then OH WAIT HERE COMES GOODWILL. Found a dank 80's clay vase with like 50 stalks of wheat in it and got it all for $1.99. Donated the vase back to Goodwill, and divied up the bunch into like 5 different arrangements. The Dollar Store provided me with cattails and red berries, then I painted lil' faces on lil' white pumpkins from the dollar section at Target and BOOM. I'm set. 

    But oh wait, I forgot about this pile of red and white fall leaves I made for some reason, HM, I guess I'll use little sticky dots and Anthro-out my mirror. Ok, all done. 

    Albus isn't impressed by fall either. But the groomer did give him a seasonal bandana so that helps the apartment look more autumnal. Really taking one for the team there, buddy.