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  • Elise's House: A Retro/Woodland Christmas

    This is Elise.

    I try to be cool, I really do. But…Christmas. I just needed sparkle. This year I went for retro, but it turned a little more woodland than I was expecting. Oh well, not mad about it. Here are some vignette’s for your viewing pleasure! I’ve added quick instructions and tips if you feel like going for a retro/woodland Christmas this year! Enjoy!

    Ok, first up: living room! On the bookshelf we have wood stands on plush snow and lights with lil' colorful trees! Pretty straight forward. I found the trees at Target, Michael's and on eBay!

    Dogs. Great decor. Also those sparkly cone trees are from the 99 Cents store. Amazing find. 

    Card stock hanging starbursts! Feels like my personal favorite breed of retro: Palm Springs retro. 

    The tree!!!! Topper and many of the ornaments are also from the 99 Cents store. Seriously. It's the best. 

    As a last minute touch, I cut up an old children's book I had and hung the little pictures on the tree! I love it. 

    Everything I know about gift wrapping is from Katie. She is the master. Home made paper roses and silver leaves!

    I found a bunch of these glittery branch/spray/things at Michael's and stocked UP. I like using them as bouquets in vases or planters!

    Yes. That is a stormtrooper putting a star on a Christmas tree in a Star Wars snow globe. May the force be with you this holiday season. 

    Found a styrofoam wreath-shape at Michael's then wrapped it with tinsel (FROM THE 99 CENTS STORE) (shocker) and glued some trees on!

    Kitchen! More trees. As you can see, most of the action is in the living room.... by far the largest room in our little apartment. 

    Bedroom: More glittery branches in woodland creatures. *Thanks Anthro*

    Here we have massive pink glitter ornaments and little gold ones as a mobile above the bed! 

    Ok, that's all for now and goodnight!