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  • Showering A First Time Mommy

    This is Katie. 

    So what do you do when the dearest humans start growing their own humans?!? You lose all control and  shower them with every fiber of your DIY being! O...just me? 

    Here I share a simple, playful shower...AND my favorite gifts for this first time mommy!

    You remember Molly! Yup...that USED to be pink hair'd cutie is gonna be a momma. I couldn't be happier!!

    Themes for the shower...graphic B&W, greys, orange, and juuuuust the right amount of pink...and foxes!! BUT the key to a fox themed nursery is to not tell anyone that it's a fox themed nursery! A well placed jelly cat stuffed animal and chalkboard sign are really all you need...anything more can quickly go tacky!! And since we kept things pretty neutral, I knew a colorful fringe display (just yarn!) would be perfectly playful. Follow up with stamped napkins and color schemed drinks...and you've got yourself a party!


    Aaaaaaand now the best part! I guess you could say I'm a registry-rebel. I almost ALWAYS opt for baby eye-candy over diapers and are some favorite gift ideas that have joined fashion with funtion. What mommy wouldn't love a little of that??

    Whimsy Baby - 100% cotton muslin geometric swaddle blanket. Light, soft, breathable...and SO CUTE.

    Meus - This LOVE YOU night light is such a sweet nursery touch!

    Lalabu - This soothe shirt is a comfy top for mom, cozy pouch for baby, and nursing bra all-in-one! AND made in the USA. Win. Win. Win. Win. Win. 

    Milkmaid Goods - Full coverage cotton nursing cover's...beautifully handmade!

    Ulla + Viggo - BECAUSE BOOTIES!!! Don't go to a shower without these handmade leather friends.

    Bateman Designs - Handmade fabric blocked bibs in DARLING patterns (check out her fringe lined cuties!)

    Darn it why is this stuff so cute...