• A DIY Tapestry Of Sorts

    This is Katie. 

    While decorating my home, I have stumbled across several truths. I love art, and I cannot commit to art on my walls. I regularly scout local thrift stores for that one piece of fairly priced canvas that will speak to me. It will be AMAZING when I finally find it. I'm not even sure what it will be of (I'm picky, but not thaaat picky), but it will be worth the wait. 

    Meanwhile, at home, my walls stand bare. A DIY hanging-art-tapestry-tassel-thing it is!


    • A Stick (If you are lazy like me, choose from the pile your dog has collected in the yard)
    • String. Specifically. Thread is too small, yarn is too poofy and "cute". String.
    • Gold Scissors (Only if you want it to turn out REALLY good)

    These first steps may ring a bell. Remember the Pom-Poms we made last Christmas? 

    Wrap the string around the palm of your hand whatever number of times is equal to the thickness of your liking. Feed a new piece of string through your loop (length is also up to you). This will be the "top" of your tassel.

    Tip: For varing tassel lengths, try these instructions over different sized books!  

    Now with another piece of string, tie a knot just below the top. Wrapping this string several times will give your tassel a more finished look. 

    To finish, cut the "bottom" to create frayed ends. Now make a million of them. 

    O ya the stick! I found it was easier to hang my stick, then place the tassels. I opted for an asymetrical vibe with a mix of short and long tassels. I plan to continue adding to it until it is just ridiculous. I'm so excited. Let me know what you come up with!

  • Subtly Red

    This is Elise.

    People are always talking about how you need "pops of color" in your wardrobe, or look, or birthday cake, or your cat's sweaters, or house, or book covers, or hub caps, ... or... socks. People.

    We suggest you consider a pip of color. I don't know, I'm really bad at coming up with terms, I usually just switch out vowels, like I JUST DID. Ok, so a pip is going to be a small and subtle usage of color. However, if you're going subtle on the usage, go big on the color. Like: red.

    Red is so awesome. It is bright, and bold, and comes in lots of cool shades, and never really goes out of style! We suggest you try red as a necklace, or scarf, or in a great print (like plaid!).

    For your consideration, subtly red.

  • Grammers, gremmers, grimmers, grommers, grummers, and sometimes grymmers: Part 2

    This is Katie.

    My turn! Last week Elise shared a few of her favorite accounts on Instagram (just in case you are in the market for inspiration), and I am so excited to share mine! While there are so many beautiful feeds, I secretly fist-pump when these grammers post... 

    @annaremarchuck - This Ukrainian wonder specializes in minimalistic coffee, flowers, and hand shots that will stop your scroll dead in its swipe. AMAZING.

    @Whitneyleighmorris - I love seeing the world through Whitney's feed. Bright and beautiful colors hit my happy spot every time. For a good time, check out #stanleestubs...

    @kait.gibson - Canada was never so charming. I love the soft, gorgeous moments Kaitlyn catches. 

    @canarygrey - New to my list of favorites, I had to share! Minimal, contrasty, and styled with a vibe of "cool". Crushing hard on this account. 

    @thevillagestyle - This. Village. Got. Stlye. I love how much adventure and beauty and energy are packed into these fun squares!

    @lisadieder - A Chicago based photographer with an eye for composition and light. Can't get enough of this feed! 

  • Patched Denim DIY

    This is Katie.

    Patched jeans. Somewhere along the line, patched and ripped jeans somehow became sexy and completely lost their charm. Remember? So today, we are bringing it down a notch. Picture farmer's market runs, ice cream dates (and by ice cream I mean froyo), and afternoon BBQs. Slouchy, lazy, comfy...now THAT is sexy.


    • Jeans (I chose a thrifted boyfriend pair for the sake of my wallet, comfort, and style)
    • Denim scraps in mixed patterns and washes
    • Scissors, needle, and thread.

    P.S. Denim mini skirts are a cheap way to add to your scrap pile!

    To begin, cut various squares and rectangles from your scraps. Frayed edges are a plus! Lay jeans on a flat surface and begin to place your pieces.

    Something to remember is that jeans naturally wear-out in the knee first, so that should be the center of your collage. Spread out your patches and give them room to breathe and be noticed. Sometimes less is more, especially if you are mixing patterns and washes. Once you are happy with your design, snap a photo with your phone so you will know where stuff goes.

    Now double up your thread and get stitching! I would even lap each square twice to make sure they are really secure. Start with pieces on the bottom and overlap as needed. Time consuming? You bet. Worth it? DUH.

    Closing "Fun Fact": Letting your jeans sit in the freezer will kill bacteria and rid them of oder! Great trick for hand sewn pieces that may eventually give in the wash.

  • Here's to being actually social!

    This is Elise and Katie.

    Instagram is a place of many pleasures (see previous post for Elise's favorite grammers and stay tuned for Katie's). Following family, keeping tabs on friends, not to mention the constant creativity and beauty from other artists and photographers. So much inspiration! Often it can seem so distant and unrelateable...who has adventures that gorgeous and who's coffee looks that cute EVERY day?!? While that can be the case, sometimes magic really does happen. All those beautiful accounts really are just beautiful souls. 

    We hope at this point in our relationship that you are familiar with Ellie. Darling feed, legendary  hedgehog, beautiful photography, charming captions...ya, ya, ya. 

    While in town for the Darling convention (whatever), we were able to steal her away for an afternoon and GOSH, it was like catching up with an old friend. So refreshing to have found such a sweet and kindred spirit in Ellie. We mocha'd up, talked shop, actually shopped, grabbed lunch with Rachel from littledenblog, observed in Griffith, and discovered that dipping french fries in thai peanut sauce will change your life... 

     Thanks to social media for the chance to be actually social!