• Apple-Cakes

    This is Katie.

    Since the Southern Californian weather is refusing to act like fall...I'm determined that at least my breakfast will! Sure pumpkin is the "fall" food of choice, but don't forget apples are in season too! Crisp...sweet...mmmmmmm. This recipe is a seasonal favorite I've loved for a few years now. Thought I'd share!

    Apple-Cakes! Here's what you'll need:

    Pancake mix




    After washing your apples, slice into quarter inch rounds. No need to core or peel...just pick out the seeds!

    Now sprinkle with cinnamon and nutmeg.And by sprinkle I mean coat. Or dump. It's really up for interpretation.

    Dip in pancake batter (you've mixed that by now, right?)....

    ...and plop right on the stove! Cook over medium heat for a few minutes and flip. Just watch until they are browned to your liking.

    Butteeeerrrrrrrrrrrr those suckers....mmmmmmmm...

    Serve with toppings of choice on a plate that makes you happy! And coffee. Duh.


  • Denim Part 2: The Tomboy

    This is Elise.

    Part 2 of beating a dead horse. Denim has definitely made the transition from statement to staple (Just like it did in the early 2000's. 2001 Statement... 2001 staple). We've established that it's "back", so here's to hoping that it sticks around for a while. Why? What else has that tomboy, western, hip vibe like a great denim shirt, or the perfect pair of jeans?

  • 3 Things: Natural Remedies

    This is Katie, Elise, and Kate!

    We're here to share 3 things: our favorite all-natural beauty products! These are our go-to, must-have, all-awesome products that won't leave you feeling like... wait, who was the super villain that fell in the vat of chemicals? Was that the Joker? No? K, I forgot. Anyway, you won't feel like you fell in a vat of chemicals.

    Kate loves: Rosehip Oil

    "Rosehip oil was recommended to me by a friend who knows far more about earthy/natural/granola healing than I do. My skin had started breaking out, and she recommended I apply a few dots of it all over my face at bedtime & in the mornings. I followed her "prescription" and my skin has never been clearer or felt as healthy as it does now.

    Redness is a thing of the past (hair not included). I picked mine up at Whole Foods in the hippie aisle. BOOYAH PROACTIVE."

    Katie loves: Witch Hazel

    "Witch hazel is a natural astringent with antioxidant properties, cleans pores, and removes excess oil without drying out skin. I use it on cotton balls twice a day (morning/night). You can also use it to treat sunburn, bug bites, and scars.

    It's a great alternative to harsher face washes that just irritate my face more... O and it's an anti-inflammatory...helps my face calm down even with a crazy break out. You can find this baby at Sprouts!"

    Elise loves: Jojoba Oil

    "This is honestly my all-time favorite beauty product. I'd rather have this than any of my make-up. I use jojoba oil as a moisturizer after I wash my face every morning/night. I have more oily skin, so I thought this would just make it worse, but what I learned is that when you dry out your skin too much, you produce more oil, making your skin even oilier! So, when I use this puppy, it evens out my skin so well making it soft and smooth, and not oily.

    It's awesome. I also use it to remove make-up, or at the tips of my hair if it's dry! You can find this at Trader Joes!"


  • Denim Part 1: The Lady

    This is Elise.

    Yes, the softer side of the denim. Also, welcome ladies and gentlemen to Jurassic Park. 

    As you can see, this is the first part of our second hundreth time we've talked about denim. *beating a dead horse* But, such a beautiful dead horse. This dead horse is feminem denim. Say that 10 times fast. We love the tomboy, western, tough feel of denim. However, we're going girly with it today. Enjoy. 

  • A DIY Tapestry Of Sorts

    This is Katie. 

    While decorating my home, I have stumbled across several truths. I love art, and I cannot commit to art on my walls. I regularly scout local thrift stores for that one piece of fairly priced canvas that will speak to me. It will be AMAZING when I finally find it. I'm not even sure what it will be of (I'm picky, but not thaaat picky), but it will be worth the wait. 

    Meanwhile, at home, my walls stand bare. A DIY hanging-art-tapestry-tassel-thing it is!


    • A Stick (If you are lazy like me, choose from the pile your dog has collected in the yard)
    • String. Specifically. Thread is too small, yarn is too poofy and "cute". String.
    • Gold Scissors (Only if you want it to turn out REALLY good)

    These first steps may ring a bell. Remember the Pom-Poms we made last Christmas? 

    Wrap the string around the palm of your hand whatever number of times is equal to the thickness of your liking. Feed a new piece of string through your loop (length is also up to you). This will be the "top" of your tassel.

    Tip: For varing tassel lengths, try these instructions over different sized books!  

    Now with another piece of string, tie a knot just below the top. Wrapping this string several times will give your tassel a more finished look. 

    To finish, cut the "bottom" to create frayed ends. Now make a million of them. 

    O ya the stick! I found it was easier to hang my stick, then place the tassels. I opted for an asymetrical vibe with a mix of short and long tassels. I plan to continue adding to it until it is just ridiculous. I'm so excited. Let me know what you come up with!