• Mom Jeans

    This is Elise.

    What we were desperately trying to avoid in our lives just a few short years ago, we are now integrating into our "feeling fashionably bold" days. I'd also like to clarify that I'm NOT just talking about high-waisted pants/shorts - mom jeans are a whole other entity. We're talking about high-waisted with pleats, or just general bagginess, slightly longer length (for shorts, no booty shorts please), light wash denim, or khaki. Welcome to Mom Nation. I mean, they really need to be pretty unsexy on their own. Then you add a crop top, or heels or something to jazz it up. Here to show us how hawt this can be is the one and only Korena. You might remember her from this shoot

    Show us dem jeans, bae. 

    I figured you should just see the real deal: always keeping it hawt, my mother. 

  • Camping Baby Shower

    This is Kate.

    (Not to be confused with Katie, who continually proves herself to be far cooler than I.) This is my first time posting (EEK!), but if you're a friend of The Happy Hunters, you may know me from this jumpsuit or white out post.

    Tonight we're bringing the outdoors in. One of my co-workers is having a baby boy next month, and she and her husband love exploring -- my kind of people. Recently returning from a backpacking trip, I could only land on one appropriate theme. Camping!

    We used some classic Pinterest decor (bunting, pinwheels, ya feel?), but also pulled in woodsy elements to make the shower unique for our mom-to-be -- s'mores, wood rounds, and baby's breath, reminiscent of wildflowers you might find in an open forest meadow. We left out the mosquitos and tents, but if you're really committed, I bet you could find some. The more realistic, the better...right?

    Happy Camping!

  • What are you up to this Friday night?

    This is Elise and Katie.

    ...and we have a suggestion.

    Of course we have already invited you to our Madewell event this Friday (7pm-9pm), but we wanted to share the delicious details!

    1. The lovely Cloë Lane of Bon Puf will be there! That's right. Organic and all natural COTTON CANDY. (Flavors will blow your mind.)

    2. As you might have imagined in your wildest dreams, a stash of beautiful clothing will be there for your shopping pleasure. I mean, it's at Madewell, people, I don't think we need to drag you there. Here are some of our faves of the moment...

    3. Champagne. Need we say more?

    See ya Friday!

  • Bridging a Trend: Part 2

    This is Elise.

    There is no longer a pun involved here because we are not on a bridge. Sorry.

    This is about bare-feet, bracelets, a single bun, and THE MAXI. This time around we're going even more casual. If you haven't noticed, we reeeeeally like being casual. Join us. For your consideration, the maxi. 

  • Katie's Home

    This is Katie. 

    My home is not as new as Elise's, but it is new enough for me! Last time I shared it with you was very much in it's beginning stages. A blank slate. I bring it to you now a "work in progress". Truthfully, I hope my home is always a work in progress. There is just no fun in reaching perfection. 

    And so, I welcome you to my home...and my plants...I am a crazy plant lady.


    Comfy room:


    And where the food is:

    Thanks for stopping by!