• Cooking with Baby Boy Bakery

     This is Elise.

    Last month I had the honor of cooking with Jacqui of Baby Boy Bakery! I've known Jacqui over a year now (through working at Madewell) and in September I shot her cooking in her kitchen for the launch of her new website and recipe subscription! It was a blast. We made fruit roll-ups from scratch! It was so much fun styling and shooting (but mostly messing around) in her lovely apartment! Go check out her new website and look for more recipes soon!  

  • Borrowing from the '70s

    This is Elise. And Elise.

    This is what happens when Katie gives herself too much time to edit pictures... 

    I digress. 

    We're going back in the '70s? No. Well, yes but maybe in a minute. We're going to the fall fashion shows threeish seasons back (I'm sorry, I'm a huge dork, but I totally follow all the shows...) when we started seeing signs of a time long past, now we're there - THE 1970S PEOPLE. I saw little glimpses like leather mini dresses and Marcia Brady hair, but in the last year it has been completely confirmed: the '70s are back. Not the hippy, flower-child '70s we saw in the early 00's, no no no. It's a weird combination of early mod style (basically Gucci is so happy), and super late '70s almost '80s style (think Wet Hot American Summer). I guess I won't bore you anymore with fashion history or show summaries.... unless you want to, then please email me and let's chat... 

    Here's the thing though, if you're going to do the whole '70s look, I suggest using vintage. Always authentic, always unique, and always on point. Cut-offs, sandal heels, and mock-neck tanks will only get you so far; enter the embroidered denim jacket (thrifted)... I rest my case. Next we have a sporty lil' number (also thrifted) with gladiators. It was a maxi (yes, that dress exists) but it was just a little too much for me to handle... so I toned it down and took the hem up. 

    Sure, there will be nods to every decade every season, and now-a-days everything ends up just bleeding into the next thing - but this. I love this. I'm doing it. We're doing it. You in? We doing this?

  • Treat Yo Self

    This is Katie. 

    After Elise and I's "Treat Yo Self" day to the spa a few weeks ago, I've been looking for ways to incorporate the spa into my daily routine...and I think Spruce & Fresh has the right idea...

    Coconut. Rose. Salt. Scrub.

    'Nough said. 

  • Huntin' For Some Happy

    Get it? Happy...hunters....

    This is Katie and Elise. 

    If things look a lil different around here - it's because they are. 

    As we celebrate TWO YEARS of blogging this month, we do a happy dance and then reflect. Just kidding...we just dance. 

    WE CAN'T BELIEVE HOW MUCH FUN WE'VE HAD. Or how much we've learned. Or how many friends we've made. There are days when everything falls perfectly into place and we are convinced we've "peaked". Then other days, when not even a mocha could save a shoot...we are forced to talk things out and ask ourselves critically, "What are we trying to do here?". Sometimes we have no idea. And that's fine by us. We just keep going! And dancing.

    We have individually done some serious creative growing up over the years, so we figure the blog should too! And so we introduce...a new banner and icon *Applause*. That's right! We are feelin' that sleak line. BAM. More changes are under construction...but we are too excited to wait for a huge reveal. Phasing has it's charms right? 

    And O YA...

    We couldn't have done this without you. Thank's loves. 

  • The Death of Denim?

    We don't think so.

    This is Elise.

    Here’s what I love about denim: it’s been around forever, and it’s always being reinvented. The Man Repeller had a great piece about denim HERE, and even though it sounds like a denim doomsday announcement, I promise it has a happy ending. Denim as cut offs and ripped boy-jeans may be on it’s way out, however we’re coming up with new ideas for wearing that indigo, utility textile.

    We styled these pieces with an ottoman, a rug, and a dog. Classic pre-fall accessories.  

    Let’s start with the jumper - we like it baggy, covered in paint and rips, and snatched from a bin of clothes at a thrift store. NO SEXY HERE PEOPLE, just a pure, sweet, unflattering one-piece.

    Next up we have - a bonafide Liz Claiborne (also thrifted) cropped, button up denim tee. To die for. On the bottom we’ve got a light wash Gap skirt. This is much more flattering, but carries the same amount of denim pretension.

    Hope you enjoyed those hidden throw-backs. And have a lovely evening!!