• White Out

    This is Elise.

    If you can't see us in these pictures, it's because we dissapeared into the blanche. I have to say, it was not a little embarrassing walking around the Brand Library in our all-white ensembles. It 100% looked like we were in a weird prairie cult. Oh well. We also looked dope, sooooo #win. 

    For more “white out” inspiration, check out dis Pinterest board, or Google pictures of polar bears. 

  • Dinner No. 1

    This is Elise. 

    Kate and I have been talking for a long time about something like this. We both know so many creative people with unique talents that it was only a matter of time before Dinner No.1 was born. Hopefully this is only the first of many Dinners. Kate really spearheaded this one, and invited some really amazing women. We have Kylie from Cooking with Cocktail Rings (I'll add links to the recipes too!), Jenn of Jenn Sanchez Floral Design, Shirlee of Quite Line Design, Jenn C. our gracious host and realtor, Kristin a graphic designer, and myself!

    Each of us contributed our gifts and goods for an evening of AMAZING food, activites, laughs, and magic. 

  • Home of LA: Highland Park

    We love LA homes. Craftsmen, Spanish style, bungalow, we want it all. We recently went to an open house in Highland Park (which is, by the way for sale) for our friend Jen (realtor extraordinaire and host of Dinner No. 1 but more about that later). 

    The house is insane. It’s so gorgeous. We took some photos and wanted to share them with you here. 

    That yellow tile tho... *dying*

    Staging in the home was done by the talented Corban of The Here Company

  • Madewell x A Tree

    This is a collaboration between Madewell clothes and this cool tree we found. 

    The aforementioned brand reached out to us with offerings of denim and the question, "How do you style it!?!". Yes. That many question marks and exclamation marks. We were surprised as well. 

    So with our newly gifted denim in tow, we braved the wild (an arborteum), climbed a tree (kind of.. walked around it) and styled away. Thanks, Madewell!

    Photos by the always amazing Kate Edwards

    Katie is wearing the Perfect Summer Jean and Central Shirt in chambrey stripe.  

    Elise is wearing the 9" High-Riser in Lunar and the Courier Shirt in lilydate stripe.