• Elise at Home by Katie

    This is Elise. 

    Long time no see! We mentioned on our Instagram that we'd be slowing things down, but it's nice to still hop on here and share! 

    It seemed high time to share photos of my "new" Palm Springs home. My husband Tysen and I have been settled in since LAST AUGUST, which is crazy. 

    Recently Katie and I were shooting together for work and used my upstairs living room as a studio.  We hung these iridescent door fringes and decided to take some photos.... which consequently turned into a full-blown photo shoot in almost every room with outfit changes and everything lol. Katie got to play around with some new lighting equipment, I got to wardrobe style myself, and we both collaborated on art direction. Man, it was so fun. 

    Hope you enjoy! 

  • Throwback Tuesday

    This is Katie.

    We are headed back to Tuscon this weekend for the Cultivate Tuscon Winter Market! And we are bringing Kate soooo....*roadtrip*.

    In celebration, we are pulling this fun lil post out of the archives to showcase some of our finds from the summer's market and in anticipation of CACTUS. So much cactus. If I see a cactus decorated for Christmas I am going to lose it. 

    Earrings by Sigfus Designs

    Tuscon Thrifted Hat

  • Juicy Lil' DIY

    This is Elise. 

    The other day I had an itch to craft so I hiked down to Michael's and grabbed a few simple items. I keep seeing different variations of this oversized-cherry-earring-lewk and have been wanting to try it! Then I realized it would actually be pretty simple to make! 

    You only need 3 items from Michaels:

    • Green felt
    • Red pom poms
    • This set of earring supplies (it includes fish hook eye pins, fish hook earrings, and jump rings. All of which you'll use for this craft). It comes in different colored metal too!

    Tools you'll need:

    • Hot glue gun
    • Scissors
    • Small pliers

    How it works:

    • Start by folding the felt in half. This way, when you cut out your leaves you'll have two identical pieces! Cut out a pair of leaves with a thin connector in between them. 
    • Next, glue a red pompom to the end of the fish hook pin with the hook left open at the other end. Repeat to make a second. 
    • Finally, use a jump ring to connect the two red pompoms on their pins, the leaf, and the fish hook earring. 
    • Voila!