• Moorten Gardens: Palm Springs

    This is Katie. 

    Have you ever lost your mind and not been able to take ENOUGH photos at your spirit location? 

    Welcome to the Moorten Botanical Gardens in Palm Springs. On a recent girls trip, our hearts stumbled across (not litterally...ouch) this prickly oasis. Every. Cactus. Known. To. Man....or at least to us. 

    And so, for your consideration...please enjoy the desert for just a few more days until our instagrams become nothing but christmas trees and snow. You're welcome.

    If you ARE braving the christmas spirit (already) (I mean like us)...check out our friend Kate's blog for more of our girls weekend adventures! 

  • Indigo Has Never Looked So Good

    This is Katie and Elise.

    There’s someone we want you to meet: APPRVL! We’ve been following and loving their products for a while now, and just recently we’ve had the pleasure of owning some of them! We wanted to share our new home additions with all of you beeecause obviously… they are so cool. These linen pestemals look great on a table, over a chair, or just about anywhere!

    They came with a personal note too!! OK, that’s all. Hope you guys are all having an MAGICAL WEDNESDAY EVENING!


  • Botanical Illustration Series: Pieris Japonica

    Welcome back to our botanical illustration series! Now, sshhhhh, time to learn. Floral knowledge provided by Jenn, and caligraphy by Linsey


    Japonica meaning, “of Japan”, these tiny bead like flowers are cut from a shrub and bloom for 2-4 weeks (sadly, much too short of a season for my liking) Cut at various stages of growth, the blooms can often have a soft pink or reddish hue to them at the base of the bloom, which adds so much depth and character. Although a completely different look, they can also be used in the off season when the buds are no longer in bloom. It makes for a great textured component. When these are in season, I find any excuse to use them as much as possible. Their string-of-pearl like structure adds so much sophistication to an arrangement.

  • Why You Need a Flag

    This is Katie and Elise and we hang out with flags all day. 

    First of all we should really introduce you to Linsey's living room. We love this room. You'll be seeing more of it. Actually you have seen it before HERE

    Wild Standard is kind of the real deal when it comes to this whole artisan-craftsmen-handmade movement. Their commitment to quality materials, process, and design is so admirable. You can feel it in the each flag, as if it’s already been through years of war, love, and adventure. We hung out with Linsey (head of design) the other day and could NOT help but document this gorgeous home covered in these awesome flags. Enjoy.

    Wearing Ellison Apparel.

  • Why You Should Have Pink In Your Halloween Decor

    Why? Beeeecaaaause I meeeean.

    This is Elise.

    Not a huge fan of reds and oranges and yellows in general, so fall is always a trying time for me....home decor wise. Yes, it is my burden to bare. I realize it's a very serious situation. Pink paint to the rescue. Use with caution - I mean don’t go totally crazy. You can throw a little natural orange in there too I guuuuessss (thanks pumpkin).

    Pink Dress by Lou & Grey!