• Movement

    This is Elise.

    And today we're playing with volume - but like, literally - 'cause there's volume and we were messing around the whole time. On the same thrifting day, at the same Goodwill, Katie and I found these magical pieces. First, the pants. They're two layered little devils with a few bottons on the hips, and yes, lots of volume. Then comes that top. THAT TOP. Kind of the worst color, but as always, Katie pulls it off with grace and ease.

    It was windy that day and it animated our otherwise limp, but voluminous items. We had fun.

    If you're looking to expand your wardrobe to welcome in more um, baggy buddies, remember: Volume on top = tight on the bottom. Katie paired the top with lil' high-waisted shorts. Volume on the bottom = tighter, or in this case, shorter on top. I wore a lil' crop top with my pants. Basically anything "lil" will work to counteract volume.

    Until next time. Hope you're all having a lovely Wednesday!

    Pink Crop Top | Madewell

    White Pants | Goodwill

    Earrings | Eli & Barry

    Brown Top | Goodwill

    Shorts | Anthopologie

  • Three In One

    This is Elise. 

    You are witnessing the fulfillment of my childhood dream. A three in one ponytail...meets Disney princess Jasmine...meets runway. THIS is what I've been growing my hair out for. Ok, not really, but kind of.

    For your consideration, a gather of hairs...

    Chambray | Anthropologie

  • The HH + Lou & Grey Event

    This is Katie and Elise.

    And we have some exciting news! Thursday, March 26th, we will be hosting a style event at the Lou & Grey store in Pasadena! And we would love to see you there! This will be an open event with sips and sweets, spring styling tips, PLUS our favorite...a DIY, but that's a surprise!

    "When we designed this collection, we had a certain girl in mind. She’s a free spirit who floats in and out of every situation with ease. Someone who’s aware of her surroundings yet still makes time for daydreaming. When she loves something, she holds onto it forever. She likes to look, listen, touch, feel ... discover. If she stumbles, a smile is never far behind. She’s a beautiful mix of contradictions." ...but we are pretty sure they mean us. So. Excited.

  • Staghorn Fern

    This is Katie.

    This is the most fascinating plant! In fact, I can't decide if it's a fern or vegetarian antlers. It grows in large clumps on the sides of trees (see the L.A. Zoo)...this is just one pod I pulled from a friend's tree. It's quite the beast. 

    To replant, it doesn't need to be exaaaactly a tree...the roots will attach to any wood. So, I decided to use giant spool tops for my project. 

    Like I was saying before...this plant is weird. It seems like it doesn't have roots, and the back of the pod is rounded out like a bowl...ah, Nature, you beautiful, mysterious creature.

     It sets neatly on a pile of dirt, bark, moss, and anything else that holds moisture. 

    To hold in place, place a few screws and tightly wind with wire. The wire can be removed once the fern has attached itself to it's new home sweet home.