• Braided Bliss

    This is Elise. 

    I must admit...this tank brings out my inner peace guru. THAT BEING SAID what we really love about Braided Bliss and they're above mentioned tanks is the message behind it all. When we started talking with Ansley from Braided Bliss we could see this really means something to her. Here's what she has to say:

    "Spreading bliss is more than an action. It’s a way of life. It’s about embracing the strength of the smallest act of kindness and knowing that it can make a large impact. It’s about loving freely and radically. It’s about knowing that you have the power, anywhere and anytime, to create a beautiful ripple effect in the world and can brighten even the darkest of days. Leave a trail of light wherever you go."  - Founder, Ansley

    We are proud (and yes, happy. Didn't see that coming did you?) to spread this message. 

    Thanks for sharing Ansley! 

  • 99 Cent Tattoos

    This is Elise.

    As you can see, we take our tattoos very, very seriously. We take time to research good places to get them done, and where we can find a good deal. After searching near and far, we found that the 99 Cents store has it all. JK we were there looking for pool toys or something (you might see those resurface later) and found these by the checkout. Obviously we bought them. They didn't last more than a shower, but they did last through this sunset, so was it worth the $1.08? You tell me... 



  • Eli & Barry | New Favorites

    This is Katie. 

    A few months ago we welcomed in the new Eli & Barry Spring\Summer collection with drools and sparkle emojis...but now we are excited to personally share our collection favorites! 

    Lily dear, you've outdone yourself.

    Broken Circle Earrings - This is more like three earrings in one. Wear the earring in its entirety for a "broken circle" look. Wear the simple crescent shape without the ear jacket for a paired down look or wear the ear jacket with any of the other Eli & Barry earrings. One of my favorites this season. It pairs beautifully with the first Eli & Barry design, the Greater Than Earrings.

    Small Stretch Earring - The younger sister of the large Stretch Earring. I love its simplicity and symmetry. Pairs beautifully with the large Stretch Earring, the Loop Earring, and the Missing Arm Earring. Available in 14k solid gold and gold filled.

    What are YOUR favorites??

  • Korakia Pensione | Palm Springs

    This is Katie. 

    My husband and I recently escaped for a few days of inspiration and MUCH needed sleep. Our destination? Palm Springs. The heat was incredible (with a rare night of rain!) and somehow made everything more relaxed. I guess after a certain degree, my body just embraces the sweat. 

    Our hideaway? Korakia Penisone. A hidden Morracan gem, just blocks from downtown. I've discovered this place is on many of my friends "Is it worth it?" list...IT'S WORTH IT. Our rooms were incredibly reasonable and I could NOT get over how romantic, easy and thoughtful this place was! The staff was there to pamper and the grounds...well...

    YEA, I definately took a nap here.

    OK THAT'S IT...I'm going back...