• Madewell x A Tree

    This is a collaboration between Madewell clothes and this cool tree we found. 

    The aforementioned brand reached out to us with offerings of denim and the question, "How do you style it!?!". Yes. That many question marks and exclamation marks. We were surprised as well. 

    So with our newly gifted denim in tow, we braved the wild (an arborteum), climbed a tree (kind of.. walked around it) and styled away. Thanks, Madewell!

    Photos by the always amazing Kate Edwards

    Katie is wearing the Perfect Summer Jean and Central Shirt in chambrey stripe.  

    Elise is wearing the 9" High-Riser in Lunar and the Courier Shirt in lilydate stripe. 

  • So You Don't Have To: Mother's Day Edition

    This is Katie and Elise.

    We have a recommendation for you. There are so many cards available out there, and thankfully, easily accessible stores like Target now have selections of decent (as in NOT a photoshopped picture of an old lady making a joke about getting older) of cards. However, our favorite new tactic for card-giving is actually card-hoarding. When we find cards we like, we STOCK UP. You never know when you’ll need one.

    All that to say we wanted to share one of our new favorite card-makers: Our Heiday. Here are some of our favorite selections from their gorgeous collection, including a Mother’s Day card! Cuz it’s gunna sneak up on you. LOVE these fun, beautiful alternatives to…. well… *this*

  • Get Off That Shoulder

    This is Elise.

    We're about to get two things: crafty and trendy. This is one of those #sorrynotsorry moments where I make something trendy. Let's do this.

    1. SHIRT

    2. Lay a ruler across the front of the shirt just under the collar. 

    3. Cut out two strips of cloth from the extra fabric and lay aside.

    4. Fold about an inch of the fabric backwards towards the inside of the shirt - at the sleeve, cut a small slit.  

    5. Measure the elastic around your shoulder and trim. Sew down the folded fabric leaving enough space to thread the elastic through, then thread away! Sew the ends of the elastic together.

    6. Fold and sew down the extra fabric at the sleeves. I saw this DIY on Pinterest and NO ONE mentioned this step - the sleeves are really tricky, and this was the best solution I found. 

    7. Take those extra pieces of fabric. Fold them backwards the same way, sew them down, and trim any extra fabric. Pin them onto the front and back before you few them down and try on the shirt to make sure they line up OK!

    Final Photos by Kate!

  • Botanical Illustration Series: Dahlia

    Welcome to yet another stunning floral lesson from the one and only Jenn Sanchez. Take it away Jenn: 

    Dahlias are the stunning larger blooms that save us florists in later summer months when the spring blooms are no where to be found. While I often (if not always) use some variety of garden roses for my pieces, I constantly am looking for those nuanced colors that can be tricky to find. Dahlias can be seen in some of the most vibrant and unique coral and peachy pink colors that you wont find in other flowers. They are available from July to late September and can be classified by several types: ball, pompon, waterlily, and dinner plate. Major tip: while the dinner plate (especially the Cafe Au Lait variety) dahlias are the most popular, avoid at all costs in heat. Sadly, “heat” can be anything above 75 degrees. Such finicky pretty things.

    See the rest of our series here:

    Calligraphy by Linsey Metcalf of Wild Standard.