• At Home in the Wild

    This is Elise.

    My two K's and I went for an adventure the other day. We weren't exactly in proper hiking attire, but I felt more at home than if I had been wearing running shorts and tennis shoes anyway. I felt like, instead of walking back to our car, we would walk back to our ranch, tree house, or canoes and munch on roots and berries for dinner (we opted for Haagen-Dazs ice cream bars).

    It was the most peaceful and beautiful experience - the warm setting sun, the dusty road, this weird-brambly-giant-bird's-nest-thing we found.

    And so we offer, as always, for your consideration, being wild.

  • Men of the Happy Hunters

    This is Katie, and Elise, and Rebecca, and Kate.

    Meet Nick, Ben, Wyatt, Ryley, and Tysen (featured left to right). Nick belongs to Kate. Ben and Wyatt belong to Rebecca. Ryley belongs to Katie. Tysen belongs to Elise. OK, OK...now that you have all been properly introduced, allow us to gush for just a moment.

    Believe it or not, it has been a year since the HH began! And we couldn't have done it without these guys. They encouraged us, inspired us, invested in us, and put up with us (Ryley wins. The glitter shoot was in the Marble kitchen). There has not been a moment when they did not believe in our goals or hesitate to give us every freedom to curate. Like they say, "Behind every creative woman is a husband who believes she can take on the world on a whim." They say that right?

    All that to say, love you babe. And babe. And babe. And babe. And babe.

    And no Nick, this post is not a "DYI" or "Do yourself it". Nice try.

  • Ellie Koleen Photography

    This is Elise & Katie.

    And you know Ellie. She's the one who gives us breath-taking photos for our Instagram every Monday. We just thought you should know she's a legit, talented photographer. Here's a selection of her non-iPhone pictures! 

    Stay tuned for more about Ellie: we spent last Sunday together as she was in town for the weekedend! WE FINALLY GOT TO MEET HER! And she's amazing. We'll share more love and pictures soon!

  • Navy

    This is Katie.

    Navy has always been a favorite. And Indigo. Either or, really. There was a time when the shade dominated the pallet of my closet and my life. And now, after years of venturing in the world of color, I welcome navy back like an old friend. 

    For you consideration...that beautiful deep shade of blue.

  • Ooey-gooey Grilled Chocolate Sandwich

    This is Rebecca. 

    Hi again friends! Excuse my absence, but I have a good reason, I promise! I've been enjoying summer and motherhood with what might be the cutest 4 month old on the planet. I mean look at this chub, can you blame me?

    ...I didn't think so. ANYWAYSSSS, enough about me. This post is about chocolate.

    I call these "ooey-gooey grilled chocolate sandwiches", but "a lil slice of heaven" might be more accurate. You can make these with the bread we made a few months ago, or any other bread you can get your hands on. All you need is:

    • A couple slices of bread
    • Bittersweet chocolate chunks
    • Some good, unsalted butter
    • Cinnamon sugar for sprinkling (or flaky sea salt, whichever you fancy)

    Generously butter one side of each slice of bread, and put them buttered side down in a skillet on medium until golden. Next, put a nice thick layer of chocolate chunks on one of the bread slices and put the remaining slice on top. Flip and plate once the chocolate is all melty and well, ooey-gooey.

    Sprinkle garnish of choice, pour yourself a cold glass of milk, and devour.