• Local Travels: Griffth Park

    This is Elise.

    Finally posting our favorite photos from our day at the Griffith Park Observatory! I live so close, but have only ever walked my dogs around that area (yes, I deprive my dogs of space education). I think the last time I went inside I was....7?

    So Katie and I decided it was high time to geek out and get all spacey. It was amazing. Photogenic and educational! My favorite combo, obviously.


  • DIY Minimal Magnets

    This is Katie.

    I love magnets. Doubters see here and here. They can be made at little expensive, and clusters of them make easy, thoughtful, gifts! Also they make my fridge and mood board happy places.

    The lovely in the strip of black and white headshots above is my mom from her modeling days...isn't she dreamy?

    The idea of this DIY is minimal and recycled materials. Slap these puppies onto a magnet strip and you're set to go. You can see the above links for details and more ideas! The wood chips were scraps from one of my husbands house projects, and the leather came from a thrifted pair of sandals! Perfect. 

    What scraps can you reuse?

  • A Very Cold Sunday

    This is Elise. 

    Once upon a Sunday, back in December, three youths woke at an ungodly hour to find snow. Their mirth could not be suppressed, not that there were many forces trying to suppress them. The drive was shorter than anticipated, the snow was more abundant and fresh than expected, and the company exactly what anyone could hope for. 

    Other than some numb toes and elevation acclimation, the day was divine. Seriously though, if you live in the greater LA area, try Big Bear for a day. We found some lovely woods to explore, some delicious food to devour, and lots and lots of snow. We'll be back here very, very soon. 

  • Looking Back...

    This is Katie and Elise. 


    The come of a new year is so bitter sweet...and the old year, just sweet. For the moment we put aside our overwhelming fears and hopes for 2015 and share some of our favorite memories that never made it to the blog.

    Thank you for continually being a safe place for us to share all we curate. We love you all!

    Blessed, encouraged, and grateful...here's to another year!

  • The Balancing Act

    This is Elise.

    The guest of our show tonight helps Katie and I accomplish one of our favorite feats: dressing down.  We love finding that perfect balance of casual and comfy, but not shlubby (the definition of which is pending, but you know what I mean).

    Eclectic Eccentricity to the rescue once again. This time they are helping us make t-shirts acceptable brunch attire. Thank you EE for giving us an edge while still wearing our favorite lounge wear.