• Elise's Home: Fall Decor

    This is Elise.

    I struggle with fall, you know? Fall is hot in California, but everyone is over summer, so I feel like I need to acknowledge the season in some way (other than wearing sweaters, because no). I'm not a huge fan of fall decor in general (too many yellows and oranges), and my husband won't let me turn our apartment into a haunted mansion (not sure why), so what choice do I have??? 

    In my mind the answer was wheat stalks for some reason. Aparently these are harder to come by in bulk than you might think, then OH WAIT HERE COMES GOODWILL. Found a dank 80's clay vase with like 50 stalks of wheat in it and got it all for $1.99. Donated the vase back to Goodwill, and divied up the bunch into like 5 different arrangements. The Dollar Store provided me with cattails and red berries, then I painted lil' faces on lil' white pumpkins from the dollar section at Target and BOOM. I'm set. 

    But oh wait, I forgot about this pile of red and white fall leaves I made for some reason, HM, I guess I'll use little sticky dots and Anthro-out my mirror. Ok, all done. 

    Albus isn't impressed by fall either. But the groomer did give him a seasonal bandana so that helps the apartment look more autumnal. Really taking one for the team there, buddy. 

  • Dinner No. 2

    This is Katie and Elise.

    These dinners are quickly becoming our new favorite obsession. Our dear friend and collaborator, Kate is leading us straight into a cult and we're not even mad. She is our ring-leader and is turning this whole creatives dinner into a full blown "thing". 

    Today she launched the official website and Instagram (@createdinners)! Check out Create Dinners to find out how to get involved, start your own, or just enjoy lovely pictures from our last two dinners. 

    For Dinner No. 2, we went with a country/southern theme for the menu and decor. Check out this full guest list to meet all the amazing women who attended and contributed every element of this dinner; from the embroidered napkins, to the table itself. You can also find a couple of recipes from our awesome chef, Kylie Mazon!

    Let's just walk through from the beginning, shall we? Started off with some delicious appetizers, drinks and conversation. 

    Then we moved on to crafts! We planned a practical but delicious DIY for our girls: custom scents! 

    We all sat around and mixed a host of essential oils together to make our own pocket perfume; one of our favorite combos of the night was eucalyptus, ceder wood, and orange blossom...delicious. 

    To make your own, we've included a quick toutorial!

    1. Begin by filling the bottle about 2/3 full of distilled water.

    2. Then carefully select your scent combo. We suggest using no more than 3 scents together, but out of the 6 or 7 scents we had, there really were no bad combinations! 

    3. Once you’ve selected which scents you want to use, add about 15-20 of each scent. You can add more or less to your preference. 

    4. Add a decorative leaf or flower for style points. Cap your bottle and add a label for even more flare.

    And there you have it! Needless to say we all smelled pretty bomb the rest of the evening. 

    Once we had finished crafting and chatting, dinner was served!

    Obviously there was a very seriously story being told here. L.....o......l.

    We've already locked in a date for Dinner No. 3, and we can't wait!

  • Weekend of Joy and Bliss

    This is Katie and Elise. 

    This summer was crazy. Back in July we literally escaped to one of our favorite places. Palm Springs.

    Here we are running around in the desert. 

  • White Out

    This is Elise.

    If you can't see us in these pictures, it's because we dissapeared into the blanche. I have to say, it was not a little embarrassing walking around the Brand Library in our all-white ensembles. It 100% looked like we were in a weird prairie cult. Oh well. We also looked dope, sooooo #win. 

    For more “white out” inspiration, check out dis Pinterest board, or Google pictures of polar bears. 

  • Dinner No. 1

    This is Elise. 

    Kate and I have been talking for a long time about something like this. We both know so many creative people with unique talents that it was only a matter of time before Dinner No.1 was born. Hopefully this is only the first of many Dinners. Kate really spearheaded this one, and invited some really amazing women. We have Kylie from Cooking with Cocktail Rings (I'll add links to the recipes too!), Jenn of Jenn Sanchez Floral Design, Shirlee of Quite Line Design, Jenn C. our gracious host and realtor, Kristin a graphic designer, and myself!

    Each of us contributed our gifts and goods for an evening of AMAZING food, activites, laughs, and magic.