• Here We Are Again

    This is Elise. 

    We're back. Ever heard of the phrase, "Kicking a dead horse"? Me neither. 

    We're doing the '70s again. This time we've got "the spectrum". This is a perfect example of what I was talking about before; very early '70s (almost '60s) mod mini dress, and the practically '80s Wet Hot American Summer style striped tee and button-fly jeans. I would be the crafty camper trying to hide from the jocks and the theater geeks... incase you were wondering what type of camper I would have been in that movie... it's a common question I get, so just wanted to get that out of the way...


    You get the picture, I get the picture, we all get the picture. 


    My mother sent me THIS picture after seeing our post. Apparently I was subconsciously channeling her in that second outfit. 





    and dress

  • Botanical Illustration Series: Snowberry

    This is Katie. 

    This seasonly summer plant has the "coolest" name. But I'll leave that to Jenn...

    This is Jenn.

    My heart just melts when this plant comes into season, it's just the texture I am always looking for in my arrangements. It's structured, yet soft, and each stem has a particular lean to it that effortlessly hangs off the side of a compote or urn vase. They are edible for many birds and and smaller animals, although harmful for us human folk (which is sad because I imagine they taste delicious). Commonly sourced from Oregon, these are mostly grown in the United States and are available June to September. 

  • Not Snow Much

    This is Elise.

    “Go to the snow” we said. "It’ll be fun” we said. If you want the short story; "yay snow pictures". Long story? See below. 

    I checked the weather for Big Bear, CA for like a week before we went, and was disappointed to see there wouldn’t be much snow… then I saw it was going to snow on Friday; a day Katie had off!!! Rejoice. I figured, we’d go early, take a walk, enjoy the mountains, grab some breakfast and coffee, and talk and have a magical, wintery day. Alas. 

    30 minutes after arriving in Big Bear it starts snowing. We were stoked until the car slid a bit down a hill and we lost control. *Whew that was scary!* Maybe we should get back to a main road and look around for snow chains… Oh no! It’s really dumping now! Ok, I’ll cut to the chase…

    There’s a check point not far out of town saying we have to get chains to get DOWN the mountain… grrrrr fine. We get chains. We put them on. Incorrectly. A nice stranger helps us. At this point we are in a BLIZZARD. Can’t see 30 feet ahead of us. The road is close. Gotta go the "back way". What the heck. We go the back way. 


    We’re alive and in sight of palm trees. Thank you California for not snowing everywhere. The end. 

    The upside is, we squeezed in some photos before we got attacked by snow. 

    Yes, we were shooting for Lou & Grey, yes there were outfit changes in the car, yes it was freezing. 

    Pants, dress, sweater, beanies, and striped top by Lou and Grey. 

    Hat by Madewell.

    Thrifted jackets. 

  • Not Your Grandma's Christmas Card

    This is Elise and Katie.

    I feel like we don't have to be really long winded on this one... the pictures really kind of speak for themselves...or...the cards in the pictures. No one will ever really know. Here's the thing. These are BY FAR our favorite Christmas cards this year. TAY HAM, you've done it again.  

  • Two Unexpected Gift Ideas

    This is Katie and Elise!

    This goes out to all you procrastinators... us too. Candles, gift cards, chocolates, and socks are NEVER a bad idea. However, we've got two ideas to consider to shake up your gift list! These are not the most common gift ideas, but from experience (both giving and receiving) they are MOST welcome.

    The first is: Antiques!

    Most people shudder at the thought of giving something “used” but if you play your thrifting and antique-ing cards right, you can find killer gifts. Our first recommendation is for this gorgeous handmade, antique looking door knocker found on Etsy at Fabbri Creation’s shop. We also found a lot of other antique and handmade pieces that were awesome, but we loved this one.

    Another gift idea is antique books. We found these at a thrift store for next to nothing, but they are so pretty. These make great home accents for the antique lover in your life!

    Our second recommendation is PET GIFTS - for the dog moms in your life. We both have dogs (brothers actually!) and love finding cool collars, bowls, etc. We found these adorable leashes on Etsy at Topology Handmade’s shop! Definitely a fun gift for dog owners!

    Another pet gift idea is….well….this. Brighten up the holidays with doggy fashion (as found in everyone’s favorite fashion forward canine magazine, Dogue). Cannot go wrong.

    Signing off for now as we start wrapping up these gifts!!